Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q1. What is the frequency for services SPARROW recommends?

Ans. For better and long term results we recommend following frequency for services:-




20-25 days


25-30 days


Every 30 days


Every 20days


Depends on growth


Every 40 days


As and when required


30-40 days

Q2. If customer will not get the quality service what would happen?

Ans. If you feel that you have not been provided with quality services and you have not achieved satisfaction, pls report to us at our company numbers. Your matter would be resolved within 2 days of reporting the issue.

Q3. Does your company provide its services at any particular location where the client can come for getting beauty services?

Ans. No. Our company is based on mobile beauty services. So, we provide beauty services at home only.

Q4. It provides all beauty services at very economical price. Does your company compromise on products?

Ans. No. Not at all. The specifically designed business model allows us to deliver quality services with reasonable costs. .

Q5. Where the customer will make payment?

Ans. Customer can make payment on CASH or swiping Debit/Credit card in card swipe machine carried by beautician. Premium Membership Payment can be made ONLINE OR IN OUR ACCOUNT in advance or via draft/cheque in favour of company as mentioned on our website.

Q6. What are the minimum beauty service packages you provide to the customer?

Ans. Minimum Beauty service package is of Rs.799.